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The future of ventura county is in your hands

Measure AA Is the Plan to Keep Ventura County Moving

Measure AA is a comprehensive and accountable plan, developed by the Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC), to address our long-term transportation needs while preserving Ventura County’s quality of life.

The Time Is Now

In July, the members of VCTC voted unanimously to place Measure AA, a one-half cent transportation sales tax, on the November ballot. This thirty-year initiative not only allows Ventura County to begin to fund needed improvements, it also provides a source of  local matching funds necessary to bring more federal and state tax dollars home. VCTC believes now is the time for residents to invest in the future and repair, preserve and improve the transportation system that adds so much to Ventura County’s quality of life. Measure AA will raise about $70 million per year, but only cost residents about $1 per week.


Measure AA is a comprehensive plan to meet Ventura County’s transportation needs and preserve its quality of life.

U.S. 101


Improvements to the US 101 and SR 118

Proposed Rice Ave. Improvements

Regional Roads

Regional Roads, Port/Military Access & Goods Movement


Commuter Rail

A sustainable and reliable rail system in Ventura County


Bus Transit

A quality intercity bus system is vital to Ventura County


Local Streets

We must take care of our local streets and roads

Bike Path

Bicycle & Pedestrians

Expanding the bike and pedestrian network



Mitigating impacts of future transportation


Taxpayer Protection

Accountability, transparency and project delivery

Measure AA is a plan to improve safety and traffic flow on the 101 & 118.


Ventura County’s Traffic Jam

The Challenge

While used by everyone, the transportation system gets little attention – until things begin to go awry. When traffic on U.S. 101 slows to a crawl, when potholes multiply, when buses and trains are unavailable, people take notice.

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A Solution

VCTC has developed a detailed and transparent plan to meet Ventura County’s transportation needs. The plan reflects extensive community outreach and locally-determined priorities.

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Measure AA

Measure AA is projected to raise roughly $70 million per year for transportation improvements in Ventura County. It will cost local residents about one dollar per week.

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Under Measure AA, all funds raised in Ventura County must stay in Ventura County.

City Priorities

Since 2013, VCTC has conducted an extensive countywide outreach effort to better understand local transportation needs in each city in Ventura County.


Measure AA will provide billions of dollars to local communities for local transportation priorities.

Transportation Funding Basics

Decline of Traditional Funding Sources

In California, the balance in the State Highway Account is so low that the California Transportation Commission will soon adopt the 2016 State Transportation Improvement Program that has NOT ONE highway improvement in Ventura County on the list.

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Importance of Local Funds

Why the urgency? Countywide street and road repairs are being delayed, risking substantially higher costs over the next 30 years. More is needed to make our freeways safer and more efficient; create a safe, sustainable and reliable bus and rail system; and address needs for new safer bike and pedestrian paths.

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Measure AA

Accountability, transparency and project delivery are critical components of Measure AA. It includes Independent Taxpayer Oversight to ensure accountability. Annual independent audits will monitor expenditures.

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